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About Erika

After getting married August 2011, I took some time off to adjust in my new home and with my new family! Now, its time to get back to work!

A little bit about me is I have always wanted to be an attorney, but fate has me in sales. After a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice, a Masters in Legal Studies and Paralegal certification, I found myself behind a desk for 8 hours a day as the world passed by. I said to myself, I need to get out of this office! I decided to pursue a career in pharmaceutical sales, but I needed to get some outside sales experience, so I worked for "ADT Security" as a residential sales rep. Even after getting out the office, there was still something unfulfilled. Then, in 1998, I met a man and… you know the story, moved to San Diego. After working for other companies, selling their products and their service, I decided to sell something fun and give the people the true one-on-one service they deserve. Real Estate and Me!

I obtained my California Real Estate License in October 2000 and began selling homes in the Eastlake area. I had no idea what a seller's market or a buyer's market was. I just wanted to sell Real Estate. After 6 years and 180 plus homes sold… the market changed, "Short Sales"  a new word for some, yet old phrase for others, were back. These were popular in the early 90's. I began negotiating these in November 2005. Since it took the lenders 2 years to realize the market was changing, I began successfully closing them the beginning of 2007 well into 2008. I've saved many families from foreclosure. Short Sales can take 3-9 months to get approved. They are extremely time consuming and there's no guarantee the bank will approve them. Therefore, in chosing to negotiate these, I genuinely wanted to help save my clients from foreclosure. This is a very fullfilling experience.

Coming from St. Louis, Mo- "The Show-me" State, talk is cheap. Show me Results, I say! As a Buyer's Agent, I believe in getting my clients to the property first! Writing a solid offer so the seller will accept your offer vs. your competition. Guide you through escrow by working as a team with your lender, appraiser, escrow and title to ensure you a smooth transaction. As a Seller's Agent, I will tell you the truth. In today's market, time is money. If the house needs de-cluttering to sell it, then I will tell you. I wouldn't want you to miss the perfect buyer because there was too much stuff in the living room. However, price is the main factor. I will help you determine a price that will be competitive against the foreclosures and the short sales, so a buyer will look at your home vs. the competition. It also helps to work with an agent who is known in the Real Estate community. We like to work with other agents we know. As Agents, we know who has an established track record, who is a great communicator, whose performance will result in a closed transaction.

The Market changes by the minute. Lending has changed, the inventory is down; and negotiations are tougher. And in today's market you need an agent like myself to get your offer accepted! As a Broker, I sell homes all throughout San Diego; therefore, you are not limited to where I only work! I also have a wonderful team who will help you find a loan, process your paperwork and close your escrow. My team and I have been working together for 14 years. We bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table and in this competitive and ever changing market that's what you need!

I look forward to working with you. Erika Walker

For more information, please feel free to contact me @619.770-7838

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