The market is full of picky buyers! They want the most for their money! As any of us do! So here are some simple tips to prepare your home for Sale!


First- Let Go of All Emotions!

The home has been good to you and now its time for you to look towards the future! Price your home competitively, not above the market. The idea is to get the buyers in the door and allow me to bring you more than one buyer to choose from. Sometimes sellers have so much pride, they price their home where they feel its worth and not where the market says its worth. In the end, I am not able to bring them any offers and constantly requesting a price reduction. We want to price your home strategically where you will get buyers to look at it and place an offer! If it is priced too high, buyers will just pass. Even if you have all the upgrades known to man you still must get them in the door.


Less is Best! De Clutter the House!

We collect a lot of junk! If you have been waiting to clean out that downstairs bedroom that acts as a storage room vs. a bedroom- now is the time! Throw away all those magazines, boxes, books, Knick naks, clean off kitchen counters. Get rid of extra furniture if you are not taking it with you! Consign it! Sell it! Remember, buyers must have the space to visualize where their furniture will go.


Some people say Depersonalize. I personally do not completely agree with that. If you have pictures on the wall of your family, I say keep them. There may be a family just like yours looking at your home and they may say hmmm...that is a great wall for our family photos. On the other hand if you have traveled all over the world and you have everything from Elephants from Africa and a Moose head from Colorado on the wall, I would say get those ready for your next home.  You want to appeal to the masses, not just the people who have the same interest as you.


Clean! Clean! Clean!

When you are asking $300,000, $500,000 or 1,200,000 for your home, it needs to be spotless! So, get those windows cleaned, repair those screens replace those sliders with the non-working handle or the one the dog went through! Clean the cobwebs in the corners; look up look down. Change the light bulb that has been out for a month, bleach and re-caulk the tubs, showers, and sinks. Take out that Windex wipe down those faucets and mirrors! Get rid of that old bedspread your Grandmother gave you. Pack it up and take it with you. Fix any leaks.  Dust the ceiling fans light fixtures blinds! And if you have purple, pink, green, yellow walls; painting the home a neutral color isn?t a bad idea.  Remember you want to appeal to the masses, not the buyers who love those same colors. Buy fresh hand towels, shower curtain and bath mats. Get rid of any odors or food odors, laundry, litter box! Air Fresheners are wonderful!  Place a few around the home!


Curb Appeal

No matter how beautiful the inside of your home is, if a buyer drive up to a home, if it looks like a Haunted House, they will not get out the car! To avoid this you want to make sure your home is very inviting and offers nice curb appeal. This will also bring value to your home. Mow the lawn, plant some flowers, trim back those bushes and if you need to do some touch up paint, now is the time. All of this will help ad value to your home and the buyer will love it when they drive up.  


Once you have done this, its time to place your home on the market!


I will come to your home and present a comparative market analysis. I personally preview all the homes in the neighborhood that are currently on the market so when I see you I know what your competition is. After reviewing the analysis, I present a marketing plan and we agree on a price together. All of the fees are paid at the close of escrow and comes out of the proceeds of the home.


The seller is responsible for the following fees:

Payoff Existing Loan on Property

Realtor Commissions

Seller's Portion of Escrow

Seller's Portion of Title

HOA transfer fee & dues

Any taxes, liens or Judgments on the home or the seller

City or County Transfer Fees

Natural Hazard Disclosure Report


What are negotiable are:

Termite Report and Repairs

Home Warranty Plan

Home repair credit

Closing Cost for the Buyer


If you are thinking about selling, interview me.  My phone number is 619-770-7838.

 If you are shy my email is

My Team of Escrow, Title, my Loan Officer, a Thorough Home Inspector, Termite and Home Warranty Company will be there every step of the way.


I look forward to working with you!

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